Boudoir Photography


It starts with looking at ourselves in the mirror and, for once, loving what we see. It is strange feeling confident while looking at our image. Yet, there is nothing more rewarding than that.

This is the feeling we want to gift to every woman we photograph. Maybe you are right, you may not have a "model's body", but neither do the vast majority of us . More often than not, not even models do. Yet, what matters is not the skin we show or the details we don't "find perfect". What matters, is how we hold ourselves, as confidence is all you need to wear.

At Faby and Carlo, we stand for real beauty in real women. Yes, we do believe that every woman is beautiful.  woman deserves to see herself and feel beautiful, inside out. This includes you.

Leave the fear of judgment outside our Boudoir Experience, and be yourself. Whoever you are, however you look, whatever your dreams are. We are Faby and Carlo, we specialise in photographing women.

This is not about another selfie or being vain. This is about the self-confidence of being yourself.

As a partner of Forever Amour, Faby & Carlo are delighted to be able to offer all our customers 50% off the cost of a session fee.

To book your Boudoir Experience click here and quote “ Sexy & Sassy Me”